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“These songs are much more dynamic, and unhinged in their execution than those on the EP...Mullikin’s lyrics are contemplative while expressing a greater range of pain and joy than ever before.”
Aaron Carnes
Santa Cruz Good Times

“The enthusiasm of the track [Mine All Mine] is infectious; there’s no way for me to not tap my feet and smile.”


-Stephen Carradini,

“The duo evinces an earnestness and familiarity that make you pause and reassess what you’ve just heard. The music takes on a deeper and fuller emotional resonance with each listen and creates an atmosphere of humble introspection before jumping up and wandering farther down the road.”

-Joshua Pickard,

"Wild Iris’s self-titled, full length release is an eclectic, 13-track listening experience that casts a large net. The duo’s use of a variety of instruments is inspiring and comes together to create a sound that is beautiful in its originality and honesty. Coming from different backgrounds, Mullikin and Shelton manage to touch on various genres including folk, blues, country, and Americana with a touch of pop, ensuring there is something for everyone and validating the old saying that music brings us all together.”

-Lisa D’Arrigo,

“Wild Iris could become one of the premier new discoveries on country music”


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